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Super Napier Grass Seeds Hybrid Multi Cut Grass

Super Napier Grass Seeds Hybrid Multi Cut Grass

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  • Super Napier Grass / pakchong grass is a hybrid, fast growing and high yielding perennial grass. This grass is an excellent grass for cows and goats. It is a very nutritious grass. While common Napier grass contains 8-10% protein, pakchong grass / Super Napier grass contains 17-18% crude protein. It is also called hybrid napier.
  • Super Napier grass is high yielder one hectare can produce 500 tons of biomass. The grass is cut every 45 to 60 days. First harvest is at 60 days and subsequent harvest after every 45 days. In a year 8 harvests can be done.
  • Super Napier Yields 180 to 200 tonnes per acre per annum. A high yielding Napier grass race in Asia.
  • Super Napier Grass cultivation can be done in all parts of India. You can also cultivate in any kind of climate.
  • It grows in all kinds of soil. In particular, the yield is not reduced when the crops are cultivated on the beach sand. The amount of protein is reduced. when cultivated in sand.
  • First harvest can be done within 75 to 80 days from the day of planting. Depending up on the soil, water, and method of agriculture harvest may be done depending upon the maturity and yield accordingly. Harvest the crop once in 45 days. 8 harvests per annum.
  • Super Napier is a high yielding green fodder.Super Napier can yield 180 to 200 tonnes per acre per year. Its leaf length are 6 - 8 cm broad.They grow up to a high height 12 feet to 15 feet.Super Napier has high crisp leaves.



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