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Red Sandalwood Tree Seeds for Planting | Lal Chandan | Raktha Chandan Seed

Red Sandalwood Tree Seeds for Planting | Lal Chandan | Raktha Chandan Seed

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Red Sandalwood Tree Seeds  - Premium Quality for Timber and Cultural Significance

Explore Red Sandalwood Tree Seeds, sourced from 40 to 50-year-old mother trees in Karnataka's forests, renowned for their high demand in domestic and international markets, particularly in East Asian countries.

Key Features:

  • Seed Collection: Harvested from mature trees to ensure genetic authenticity and optimal seed quality.
  • Germination: Seeds require pre-treatment with soaking in cold water for 48 hours and cow dung slurry for 48 hours to enhance germination rates of 80-90%.
  • Cultural Significance: Known as Red Sanders or Chandan, used extensively for carvings, furniture, musical instruments, and cultural ceremonies.
  • Timber Quality: Highly valued for its rare wavy grain variant, prized for acoustic properties in musical instrument making.


  • Wood Utilization: Ideal for crafting fine carvings, durable furniture, and structural poles due to its exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Planting Method: Directly plant pre-treated seeds into polythene bags, with germination typically observed within 45 days.

Sustainability: Supports sustainable forestry practices and conservation efforts of this culturally significant and economically valuable species.

Start your cultivation of Red Sandalwood with premium seeds known for their high germination rates and exceptional timber quality.

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