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Punjabi Grass Seeds for Goat Multi Cut Grass

Punjabi Grass Seeds for Goat Multi Cut Grass

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Punjabi Grass Seeds : Versatile Fodder for Livestock

Discover Punjab Grass, a highly nutritious and versatile fodder option that supports the nutritional needs of various animals throughout the year. Known for its rapid growth and high yield, Punjab Grass provides essential nutrients crucial for livestock health.

Key Features:

  • Nutritional Content: Rich in protein (11.30%), fat (6.36%), fiber (48.30%), and carbohydrates (34.40%), Punjab Grass offers a balanced diet for cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, and other animals.

  • Dual Usage: Can be utilized as both green fodder and dry fodder, similar to sorghum husk, providing flexibility in feeding strategies.

  • Germination and Planting: Exhibits excellent germination capacity and can be sown year-round. A seeding rate of 4 kg per acre is optimal for robust growth.

  • Growth Characteristics: Fastest growth among fodder crops, ready for harvest in 6 to 7 cuttings after planting. Features soft stems without thorns, ensuring ease of handling and consumption.


  • High Yield: Provides up to 6 to 7 harvests per planting, ensuring a consistent supply of nutritious fodder.

  • Animal Preference: Preferred by all types of livestock for its palatability and nutritional richness.

Versatile Use:

  • Green Fodder: Feed fresh Punjab Grass to animals to enhance their diet and overall health.

  • Dry Fodder: Use dried Punjab Grass during off-seasons or storage periods to maintain nutritional benefits.

Start Growing Punjab Grass Today:

Enhance your livestock management with Punjab Grass, the ideal choice for sustainable and nutritious fodder production. Whether you're a farmer or a livestock enthusiast, Punjab Grass offers unmatched benefits in yield, nutrition, and ease of cultivation.

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