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Melia Dubia Seeds ( Malabar Neem, Hebbevu) Fast Growing Plywood Timber Tree Seeds

Melia Dubia Seeds ( Malabar Neem, Hebbevu) Fast Growing Plywood Timber Tree Seeds

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Melia Dubia Seeds - Fast-Growing Tropical Tree for Agroforestry

Discover Melia Dubia Seeds, also known as Malabar Neem Wood, prized for its rapid growth and versatile agricultural benefits. This tropical deciduous tree thrives in well-drained, fertile soil, particularly under irrigation, making it ideal for agroforestry practices.

Key Features:

  • Fast Growth: Rapid growth rate under optimal conditions, suitable for intercropping with crops like groundnuts and grams.
  • Tree Characteristics: Softwood with a small, thin crown and few side branches, facilitating easy pruning.
  • Cultivation Method: Start by germinating seeds in a prepared seedbed of red soil mixed with fine sand.
  • Germination Process: Dibble seeds and irrigate twice daily, covering the seedbed with plastic to maintain moisture.
  • Germination Period: Seedlings typically germinate within 3 months, with the ideal sowing time during March-April.


  • Agroforestry: Enhances soil fertility and provides economic opportunities through multiple crop integration.
  • Wood Quality: Valued for its wood properties, used in various industries including furniture and construction.
  • Environmental Impact: Supports sustainable land use practices and biodiversity conservation.

Cultivation Tips:

  • Planting: Choose well-drained areas with adequate sunlight for optimal growth.
  • Maintenance: Prune regularly to shape the tree and encourage robust growth.
  • Applications: Suitable for both commercial plantations and enhancing ecological balance in agricultural landscapes.

Start your Melia Dubia plantation today to benefit from its rapid growth and multifaceted agricultural advantages.

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