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Kanakambaram Flower Seed | Crossandra Flower Seeds

Kanakambaram Flower Seed | Crossandra Flower Seeds

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Crossandra FireCracker Flower - The orange colored flower which looks vibrant. Crossandra flower is known as one of the few flowers which are adorned by women in their head. The flower , though lacking fragrant, is known to be among the few favorites of women in south india. The crossandra flowers are priced nominally but bloom abundantly. A hectare of Crossandra plants could yield anywhere between 2000 to 2800 kg per year depending on the location. The price for crossandra flowers could range from 300 rupees to 1200 rupees per kilo depending on the season. Crossandra flowers bloom throughout the year depending on the weather. For southern indian climatic conditions, the flowering is uniform except during the monsoon. In the north, the flowering decreases in winter and the short spells of rains.



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