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COFS 31 Grass Seeds Multi cut Perennial Sorghum Jowar Grass for Animal Fodder


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COFS 31 was released by the Department of Forage Crops.First harvest 65-70 days after sowing and there after the ratoon crop may be harvested once in 50 days depending on flowering. It contains high protein (9.86%) and less crude fibre (19.8%). It attains 50% flowering in 65–70 days and ready for seed harvest in 105–110 days.

As the crop has leaves and the stem is highly succulent in nature, the green fodder is highly relished by cattle. It contains high protein and less crude fibre and hence higher digestibility.ghly recommended green fodder to Cow, Goat, Sheep, Buffalo and some of Poultry and It”s suitable for anywhere in India

Multicut (5-6 cuts/year) variety, Profuse tillering (10-15/plant), More number of leaves, Highly palatable, High crude protein (8.41 per cent),Less crude fibre (34.0 per cent). One can harvest 5-6 crops in one year at 60 days intervals