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African Mahogany Tree Seeds For Planting

African Mahogany Tree Seeds For Planting

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African Mahogany Tree Seeds - Premium Seeds for Timber and Agroforestry

Explore the potential of African Mahogany Tree Seeds with our premium seeds. This majestic tree, scientifically known as Khaya spp., is celebrated for its high-quality timber and versatile applications in agroforestry. African Mahogany is prized for its durable wood, making it ideal for crafting high-end furniture, flooring, and construction materials.

Key Features:

  • Timber Quality: Known for its strong and durable wood, suitable for premium furniture and building materials.
  • Agroforestry Benefits: Enhances soil fertility and biodiversity, making it conducive to integrated farming systems.
  • Cultivation: Seeds thrive when sown directly in light sand or containers, requiring moist conditions and shade for optimal germination.
  • Growth: Seedlings are ready for field planting when they reach 50-100 cm in height.


  • Botanical Name: Khaya spp.
  • Common Names: African Mahogany
  • Height: Can reach up to 30-35 meters
  • Ideal Uses: Timber production, agroforestry, and ornamental planting

Seed Pretreatment: While generally not necessary, soaking seeds in water for 12 hours can enhance germination, especially for seeds with low moisture content.

Nursery Techniques: Sow seeds in light sand, placing them in furrows or holes 3-7 cm deep, or directly in containers. Ensure seeds are kept in shade with consistent moisture. Germination typically occurs within 10-21 days, after which seedlings should remain shaded until ready for outplanting.

Ideal for commercial timber plantations and sustainable agricultural practices, African Mahogany seeds offer a lucrative opportunity for forestry enthusiasts and farmers alike. Start cultivating your own African Mahogany trees today and experience the beauty and utility they bring to your landscape.

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