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White Sandalwood Seeds for Planting, Safed Chandan Tree Seeds


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Common names - white sandalwood seeds, sreegandha, safed chandan, white chandan.

The sandal tree, also known as Chandana, White sandal in India, is botanical name Santalum album. Sandal is capable of growing in different kinds of soils, even in shallow rocky soils, but cannot stand waterlogging. It can tolerate very high temperatures.

SEEDS : About 6,000 seeds weigh to a kilogram.

Germination percentage : 60 -70 %

PRETREATMENT OF SEEDS : Seeds are soaking in water 24 hours

NURSERY TECHNIQUE : Pretreated seeds sowing to mother bed and covered with straw which is removed when the seedlings emerge .When seedlings attain 4 to 6 leaf stage, they are transplanted into polythene bags.

Preferred Host Plant : Agati or Sesbania