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Red Sander, Lal Chandan, Pterocarpus Santalinus, Red sandalwood seeds


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Pterocarpus Santalinus also known as Red Sanders ,Red Sanderswood, Red Saunders, Rakta chandana (Indian), Lal Chandan, Ragat Chandan, Rukhto Chandan, Undum.

Pterocarpus Santalinus commonly known as Red Sandalwood, Timber is highly demanded domestically and internationally, and especially in East Asian countries.

Red Sandalwood timber is used for carvings, furniture, poles, and house posts. The rare “wavy” grain variant is highly valued for its acoustic properties and is used to make musical instruments.

Seed biology : - No. of pods per Kg : 900 to 1400 ,

Germination percentage : 80 -90 %

Pre-treatment - Soaking in cold water for 72 hours and soaking in cowdung slurry for 72 hours.

Nursery Technique - Pre-treated seeds are directly planted into polythene bag. Germination notice within 45 days.