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African Mahogany Tree Seeds For Planting

African Mahogany Tree Seeds For Planting

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Swetania Mahogany is evergreen to semi-evergreen tree, up to 30-35 m tall high. It has potential use for large scale timber production plantations, especially in dry areas, due to the excellent timber quality. It is also used in agroforestry, for soil improvement and as an ornamental.
Pretreatment of the Mahogany Seeds : Generally not necessary but germination of stored low moisture content seed may be enhanced by soaking in water for 12 hours. Nursery technique to sow Mahogany Seeds: The seeds are sown in a bed of light sand in 3-7 cm deep furrows or holes or directly in containers. Germinating seeds should be under shade and kept moist. Seeds will germinate in 10-21 days. The seedlings are kept under shade until out planting. The seedlings can be planted in the field when they are about 50-100 cm tall.

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