Thick Podded Salwood

Thick Podded Salwood

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Scientific or Botanical Name Acacia crassicarpa
Common Names Acacia Crassicarpa, northern wattle, thick-podded salwood, brown salwood, Papua New Guinea red wattle, red wattle


crassicarpa is typically an erect, single-stemmed tree, commonly up to 15 m tall in Queensland, Australia or up to 25-30 m tall in New Guinea, with a spreading crown. However, populations of spreading shrubs only 1 m tall are also known from coastal dunes in Queensland. The bark is hard, grey or grey-brown, with deep longitudinal furrows when mature, the inner bark being pinkish-red and fibrous. The phyllodes (leaves) are borne on yellowish, slightly angled branchlets which are sometimes pendulous. Phyllodes are resinous, glabrous, pale green to grey-green, normally lanceolate-falcate, broadest below the middle and curved along both margins, 8-27 cm long and 1-4.5 cm wide. The phyllodes have numerous, fine, parallel, longitudinal nerves, with 3 primary and 3-4 secondary nerves more evident than the rest, with the lowermost main nerves confluent at the base of the phyllode and contiguous with the lower margin for a short distance


Key Feature Expect 90 to 100 % Germination Rate
Uses This plant is raised as an ornamental plant, as a shade tree and it is also raised on plantations for fuelwood

Its wood is good for making paper, furniture and tools. It contains tannin useful in animal hide tanning

In India, its wood and charcoal are widely used for fuel

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