Thespesia Populnea

Thespesia Populnea

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Scientific or Botanical Name Thespesia Populnea
Common Names Paras pipal,Gangaravi, Milo, Portia tree,


The Portia tree reaches a height of 6–10 m tall and its trunk can measure up to 20–30 cm in diameter.It grows at elevations from sea level to 275 m in areas that receive 500–1,600 mm of annual rainfall.The Portia tree is able to grow in the wide range of soil types that may be present in coastal environments, including soils derived from quartz (sand), limestone, and basalt


Key Feature Expect 90 to 100 % Germination Rate
Uses Landscape Use (Accent, Container, Hedges, Provides Shade, Screening, Specimen Plant)

In India, the ground up bark is used to treat skin diseases and in Mauritius dysentery and hemorrhoids


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