Stylonthus Scabra Grass (stylo scabra)

Stylonthus Scabra Grass (stylo scabra)

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Scientific or Botanical Name stylo scabra
Common Names Shrubby Stylo, Scabra Stylo


It is perineal shrubby legume grows up to height of 2m can be erect to suberect in growth. It is a South American species, widely distributed across Brazil and it was introduced to India in 1965 from Australia. It is dark green in colour and slightly sticky/viscous in feeling. Stems are hairy and rough. Leaves are trifoliate and leaflets are small and broad.
A tall (up to 2 m), shrubby, perennial legume, erect to suberect, with strong, woody stems, usually densely hairy and viscid, making them sticky under hot, dry conditions. Stems vary in colour from pale green to dark blue-green, brown or reddish depending on the strain. Leaves trifoliate.
Leaflets hairy on both surfaces, varying in shape from elliptic to oblong-lanceolate and in colour from pale green to dark green and dark blue-green.


Key Feature Expect 90 to 100 % Germination Rate
Uses They are capable of nitrogen fixation and are capable of improving soil fertility in addition to providing high protein stock feed important green manure species
Stylosanthes species have been used for land reclamation, soil stabilization and soil regeneration work because of their drought resistance, ability to restore soil fertility, improve soil physical properties and provide permanent vegetation cover 

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