Rose Balsam Flower Mix Colour Seeds

Rose Balsam Flower Mix Colour Seeds

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Seeds Quantity 1000 Seeds in 1 Packet
Other Names Balsam




“Rose Balsam” is one of the few flowers, planted from flower seeds, that can do well in sun or shade as long as it has plenty of moisture. Balsam flower resemble with mini roses thickly spaced petals and tones.Rose Balsam Flower Seeds: Balsam is a medium-tall, rainy season annual that is grown for its beautiful flowers. The flowers are long lasting on the plant and are quickly replaced by new flowers. The balsam plant has a soft, fleshy stem; and spirally arranged long pointed leaves. Common name(s): Balsam, Touch-Me-Not, Garden Balsam, Rose Balsam, impatiens Flower colours: Varies Bloom time: Summer to fall Max reacahble height: 20 to 70 cm Difficulty to grow:: Easy to grow Remember to water these plants regularly. Keep them moist, but not too wet. If the plants dry out, they will lose their leaves. If you over-water the plants, this could encourage fungal diseases Grows well in heavy clay soils It also prefers a moist well-drained humus rich soil.


  • PLANT : Rose Balsam Close To The Central Stem and Very Attractive. COLOUR : Mixture of Different Shades of Pink, Red, White.
  • Leaves and young shoots – cooked Balsam plant is used as a hedge plant.
  • SEED TYPE: Superior Quality, Non-Hybrid, Pure, Open Pollinated, GMO-Free, And Heirloom (with An Unadulterated Genetic Heritage) Seeds Tested For Germination.
  • Rose Balsam Double Mixed Flower Seeds for Home, Kitchen and Balcony Garden
  • Discovered in South East Asia, Balsam is an old-fashioned annual that produces single or double flowers in the leaf axils along the main stem of the plant from summer to early autumn. A great bedding annual plant.


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