Prosopis juliflora

Prosopis juliflora

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Scientific or Botanical Name Prosopis juliflora
Common Names Velvet Mesquite


Growing to a height of up to 12 meters , P. juliflora has a trunk diameter of up to 1.2 meters Its leaves are deciduous, germinate-pinnate, light green, with 12 to 20 leaflets. Flowers appear shortly after leaf development. The flowers are in 5–10 cm long green-yellow cylindrical spikes, which occur in clusters of 2 to 5 at the ends of branches. Pods are 20 to 30 cm long and contain between 10 and 30 seeds per pod. A mature plant can produce hundreds of thousands of seeds. Seeds remain viable for up to 10 years. The tree reproduces solely by way of seeds, not vegetative. Seeds are spread by cattle and other animals, which consume the seed pods and spread the seeds in their droppings.


Key Feature Expect 90 to 100 % Germination Rate
Uses The sweet pods are edible and nutritious
The species uses also include forage, wood and environmental management.

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