Pongam or Karanj | Honge Tree Seeds

Pongam or Karanj | Honge Tree Seeds

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Scientific or Botanical Name PongamiaPinnata
Common Names Indian beechTree,Pongamoiltree,Honge ,Pungainuga (Telugu), Naktam


Pongamiapinnata is a legume tree that grows to about 15–25 metres (50–80 ft) in height with a large canopy which spreads equally wide. It may be deciduous for short periods. It has a straight or crooked trunk, 50–80 centimetres (20–30 in) in diameter, with grey-brown bark which is smooth or vertically fissured. Branches are glabrous with pale stipulate scars. The imparipinnate leaves of the tree alternate and are short-stalked, rounded or cuneate at the base, ovate or oblong along the length, obtuse-acuminate at the apex, and not toothed on the edges. They are a soft, shiny burgundy when young and mature to a glossy, deep green as the season progresses with prominent veins underneath

Key Feature Expect 90 to 100 % Germination Rate

Mature Seeds collected from 20 – 30 years Old Mother Trees.

Kadamba (Neolamarckiacadamba) is an evergreen, tropical tree.

  • A thick yellow-orange to brown oil is extracted from seeds
  • Yields of 25% of volume are possible using a mechanical expeller
  • However, for village crushers average yield is 20%
  • The oil has a bitter taste and a disagreeable aroma, thus it is not considered edible
  • In India, the oil is used as a fuel for cooking and lamps
  • The oil is also used as a lubricant, water-paint binder, pesticide, and in soap making and tanning industries

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