Palash (Flame of the forest)

Palash (Flame of the forest)

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Scientific or Botanical Name Butea monosperma
Common Names Palash, Dhak, Palah, Flame of the Forest, Bastard Teak, Parrot Tree, Keshu


Butea monosperma is a species of Butea native to tropical and sub-tropical parts of the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia, ranging across India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand.

Key Feature Expect 90 to 100 % Germination Rate
Uses It is used for timber, resin, fodder, medicine, and dye. The wood is dirty white and soft. Being durable under water, it is used for well-curbs and water scoops. Spoons and ladles made of this tree are used in various Hindu rituals to pour ghee into the fire. Good charcoal can be obtained from it. The leaves are usually very leathery and not eaten by cattle. The leaves were used by earlier generations of people to serve food instead of plastic plates.

The gum from the tree, called kamarkas in Hindi, is used in certain food dishes.


The flowers are used to prepare a traditional Holi colour called “Kesari”. It is also used as a dye for fabric.

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