Muntingia calabura

Muntingia calabura

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Scientific or Botanical Name Muntingia calabura
Common Names calabur tree, capulin, Jamaica cherry, Panama berry, gasagase


Muntingia calabura is a shrub or tree up to 12 m tall with spreading branches.The leaves are alternate, distichous, oblong or lanceolate, 4–15 cm long and 1–6 cm wide, with toothed margin and covered in short hairs. The flowers are small (up to 3 cm wide), solitary or in inflorescences of two or three flowers, with five lanceolate sepals, hairy, five obovate white petals, many stamens with yellow anthers, and a smooth ovoid ovary.Fruit, an edible berry, is red at maturity, about 1.5 cm wide.


Key Feature Expect 90 to 100 % Germination Rate
Uses Source of timber and fuel. Its soft wood used for rural construction, while the bark is fibrous and used for making ropes

The fruits are edible and in some cases sold in markets

It is planted as an ornamental species


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