Mimusops elengi (Bullet wood )

Mimusops elengi (Bullet wood )

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Scientific or Botanical Name Mimusops elengi
Common Names Spanish cherry, medlar, bullet wood


Bullet wood is an evergreen tree reaching a height of about 16 m (52 ft). It flowers in April, and fruiting occurs in June. Leaves are glossy, dark green, oval-shaped. Flowers are cream, hairy, and scented. Bark is thick and appears dark brownish black or grayish black in colour, with striations and a few cracks on the surface.


Key Feature Expect 90 to 100 % Germination Rate

Mature Seeds collected from 20 – 30 years Old Trees.

Uses The bark, flowers, fruits, and seeds are used in Ayurveda medicine
The flowers are sun dried and used to make floral infusions and as an addition to green tea in Thailand.
The edible fruit is softly hairy becoming smooth, ovoid, bright red-orange when ripe.
The wood is a luxurious wood that is extremely hard, strong and tough, and rich deep red in color. The heartwood’s sharply defined from the sapwood. It works easily and takes a beautiful polish. Density is 1008 kg per cubic meter. 

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