Malabar Neem Plant | Melia Dubia Plant

Malabar Neem Plant | Melia Dubia Plant

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Scientific or Botanical Name Melia Dubia or Melia Composita
Plant Type   Natural
Height  1 to 5 Feet


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Malabar Neem is the fastest growing tree and the wood from this tree is used in Plywood Industry. 400 trees can be planted in an acre that fetch 15-20 lakhs in 6 – 7years.The trees grow well in sandy loam, red and lateritic soils with an annual rainfall of 800 mm and above. Melia is a good agroforestry species and supports a variety of crops throughout its cultivation period. Ground nut, chili, turmeric, black gram, papaya, banana, melon, sugarcane, as inter crops are being successfully cultivated. The species performs exceedingly well when planted on bunds, attaining the harvest able size within four years.


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