Javanica (Rainbow shower tree)

Javanica (Rainbow shower tree)

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Scientific or Botanical Name Cassia javanica
Common Names rainbow shower tree, Java cassia, pink shower, apple blossom tree


javanica is a fast growing, deciduous / semi-deciduous tree which flowers in spring and sheds its leaves in the winter months. It has a straight trunk that reaches heights of 25 – 40m. The leaves are paripinnate with 12 pairs of elliptical leaves. The flowers range in colour from pale pink to crimson with yellow coloured stamens and are found in open clusters. The ground under the tree is covered with a beautiful carpet of pink towards the end of the flowering season. The fruit are housed in long cylindrical dark brown pods. Because of its beauty and suitable size C. javanica is planted as a shade and ornamental tree on streets and in parks

Key Feature Expect 90 to 100 % Germination Rate

Mature Seeds collected from 20 – 30 years Old Mother Trees.

Uses It is used medicinally as a substitute to Cassia fistula for treating constipation, colic, chlorosis and urinary disorders

 javanica is one of the ingredients in ayurvedic and other traditional medicine antidiabetic formulations

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