Iceland Poppy Flower Seeds

Iceland Poppy Flower Seeds

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Seeds Quantity 1000 Seeds in 1 Packet
Other Names Poppy




It is used extensively in the southeast, since a fall seeding will create a lavish spring display, but the plants are unable to live through the hot summer that follows. Common name(s): Papaver nudicaule Flower colours: pink, yellow, orange, rose, white, cream and stunning bicolors. Bloom time: May- July,spring Max reacahble height: 2 feet in height. Difficulty to grow:: Medium Planting and care In warm climates plant Iceland poppies in the fall for bloom the following spring. When the summer heat arrives they will die-out. In cooler climates they can be sown in spring and will bloom the first year – and will live for a couple of seasons flowering in spring and early summer.


  • These large, silky, showy poppies are superb for cutting.
  • The plant is used for ornamental purpose for example decorations.


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500 seeds, 1000 seeds, 2000 seeds


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