Dahila (Americam Meadows) Mix Color Flower Seeds

Dahila (Americam Meadows) Mix Color Flower Seeds

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Seeds Quantity 1000 Seeds in 1 Packet
Other Names Americam Meadows




Dahlias make excellent cut flowers.With a multitude of different colours, shapes and sizes, Dahlias bring life and beauty back to your landscape in late summer and into the fall months. The diversity of the Dahlia allow you to use them in many different aspects of your landscape design, from low growing border plants to stately background plantings that may reach six feet in height! Dahlias make excellent cut flowers, which will typically last about a week in the house. Common name(s): dahlia Flower colours: Dahlia blooms come in nearly every colour of the rainbow and a range of flower forms — from daisy-like singles to more alienesque quilled types. Bloom time: July- October Max reacahble height: Dahlia plants range in height from as low as 12 inches to as tall as 6-8 feet. Difficulty to grow:: Easy


  • Some specimens may provide an abundance of cut flowers for the home, while others give you the opportunity to make a bold statement in your landscape by pruning, dis-budding and ultimately forcing the plant to create a few single, gigantic blooms.
  • Novice Dahlia growers may want to start by selecting a few plants of varying colours, sizes and types.
  • Most Dahlia gardeners will be happy to share their thoughts and experiences with you regarding their successes, failures and favourites.
  • Once you ve grown your first crop of these beauties, you will have a much better idea of which types of Dahlias to grow in subsequent years.


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