Coleus Versatile Ornamental Plants Flower Seeds

Coleus Versatile Ornamental Plants Flower Seeds

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Seeds Quantity 1000 Seeds in 1 Packet
Other Names Coleus 




Coleus is grown for its brilliant, glowing foliage rather than flowers. This is an outstanding mixture formulated to provide the best and brightest colors of medium-sized leaf varieties. Spectacular for beds and borders. Favorites during the Victorian period, they have made a dramatic comeback. It s easy to see why: no other plant offers such a dazzling variety of leaf colours, shapes, and patterns, and no other plant is so easy to grow. The Rainbow variety is one of most popular of coleus. This very special blend includes a complete colour range, from cream to deep scarlet. Very easy to grow from seed and of even height, growth and size of leaves. Given a modicum of care, they will flourish from spring until frost. With their sumptuous colours and tough constitution, coleus are ideal both as attention-getting focal points and as complements to other foliage or flowering plants. They will show their first colours in as little as two weeks. The intensity of light which the plant receives will have a direct bearing on the intensity of the foliage coloring. Some varieties of coleus may produce their best colour in light shade, while others look best in bright lighting. As happy in a container as in open ground, they are the ultimate in versatility, their uses as unlimited as your imagination. Common name(s): coleus Flower colours: red, rose, pink, maroon, salmon, buff, peach, yellow, green and creamy white.


  • Coleus are eye-dazzlers, easy-going plants with impossibly colorful leaves. Theyâ€re magnificent on their own in a flower pot, and the flash of their foliage lights up a flower bed.
  • Coleus seed rainbow mix.
  • Easy to Grow – Can be grown in indian climate/weather conditions.Do not use for food, feed, or oil purposes,Seeds are only for Gardening Purpose.
  • Best Suitable for Terrace Gardening,Grow bag Kitchen Gardening,Terrace Gardening & Roof Top Balcony Gardening.
  • Coleus plants are very versatile and have lovely foliage. They readily grow from Coleus seeds.


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