Stylo Hamata Grass seeds

Stylo Hamata Grass seeds

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Scientific or Botanical Name Stylosanthes hamata
Common Names Hamata Grass and Fodder Seeds


Species within the genus have many properties that make them valuable forage species. They are capable of nitrogen fixation and are capable of improving soil fertility in addition to providing high protein stock feed.

The genus is also noted for its ability to extract phosphorus from soils where it is not available to other species. Seeds are hard and long lived leading to high soil seed banks and rapid recovery following fire or heavy grazing.

Key Feature
  •  Expect 90 to 100 % Germination Rate.
  •  The ideal sowing time is just before the beginning of the next   rainy season.
  •  Watering twice a week is sufficient. Easily grows in shade.


  • Mostly used for permanent pastures.  Good for cut-and-carry
  • as green feed, or for hay if cut before dry season leaf fall when plants become increasingly stemmy.  Can also be used as a ley
  • in cropping systems with nitrogen benefits up to 90 kg/ha recorded in West Africa and northern Australia under experimental conditions.  It is used for feeding cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and poultry.  Growing use of hamata in silvipasture systems in India where it is used in undersowing Eucalyptus and Dalbergia forests as well as a component in watershed and soil conservation programs.
  • Most seed is distributed either from the air or by ground spreading from fertilizer spinners, in the latter case mixed with a small quantity of fertilizer as a carrier
  • Can be mixed with other perennials in the border or woodland garden, or used as an edging plant, or massed and divided to create a dense ground cover.

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