Subabul Green Manure,Animal Fodder , Live Fencing Seeds

Subabul Green Manure,Animal Fodder , Live Fencing Seeds

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Scientific or Botanical Name LeucaenaLeucocephala
Common Names Subabul,Green Manure and Fodder seeds


Leucaenaleucocephala is a shrub or small tree usually growing 2-10 m tall, but occasionally reaching 15 m or more in height.

The younger stems are green and usually densely covered in fine greyish coloured hairs (finely pubescent). Older stems have a relatively smooth, greyish or greyish-brown, bark with numerous small raised spots (lenticels). The leaves (up to 35 cm long) are twice-compound (bipinnate) and have 3-10 pairs of branchlets (pinnae). They are alternately arranged along the stems and borne on stalks (petioles) 2-5 cm long. A small raised structure (gland) is usually present on the leaf stalk (petiole), or just below where the lowest pair of branchlets (pinnae) meet. pinnae are 2-10 cm long and each bears 5-22 pairs of leaflets (pinnules).

These leaflets (7-21 mm long and 1.5-5 mm wide) are elongated (narrowly-oblong to lanceolate) in shape with pointed tips (acute apices), and are either hairless (glabrous) or have hairy (ciliate) margins. The fruit are elongated (linear), flattened, pods with a pointed tip (beaked apex). These pods (8-22.5 cm long and 10-20 mm wide) are initially green in colour, but turn brown or reddish-brown as they mature. Several pods will usually develop from each flower cluster. Each of these pods contains 10-25 hard seeds (6-10 mm long and 3-6 mm wide) that are glossy brown, flattened (compressed), and somewhat oval (elliptic-oblong) in shape.from February to April while fruiting takes place between July to October.

Key Feature
  •  Expect 90 to 100 % Germination Rate
  •  Mature Seeds collected from 20 – 30 years Old Mother Trees.
  •  Trees grown on poor soils yield better oil, though they cannot withstand water-logging

  • Subabul has been considered for biomass production because its reported yield of foliage corresponds to a dried mass of 2,00020,000 kg/ha/year, and that of wood 30 40 m³/ha/year, with up to twice those amounts in favorable climates. In India it is being promoted for both fodder and energy.
  • The wood part of the subabul tree is used for making pulp in the pulp and paper industry
  • Mainly Used as fodder and firewood purpose.


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