Gliricidia Seeds | Gliricidia Sepium Seeds for Green Manure,Fodder,Live Fencing

Gliricidia Seeds | Gliricidia Sepium Seeds for Green Manure,Fodder,Live Fencing

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Scientific or Botanical Name GliricidiaSepium
Common Names GliricidiaMaculata, GliricidiaSepium


Gliricidia sepium, often simply referred to as Gliricidia is a medium size leguminous tree belonging to the family Fabaceae.

Tree from Mexico and South America that is used both to provide shade to chocolate trees and also enrich the soil.Hence the common name meaning “mother of cocoa”. The wood is durable and useful for posts and railway ties.

Key Feature Expect 90 to 100 % Germination Rate

Mature Seeds collected from 20 – 30 years Old Mother Trees.

Uses Gliricidiasepium was spread from its native range throughout the tropics to shade plantation crops such as coffee.

Used in live fencing, fodder, firewood, ]green manure, intercropping, and rat poison.

In the charsutri method of paddy cultivation, leaves of glyricidia are incorporated in soil during ploughing

Gliricidiasepium is used as cut and carry forage for cattle, sheep, and goats. Its high protein content allows it to complement low-quality tropical forages. G. sepium can tolerate repeated cutting, every 2 to 4 months depending on the climate. Cutting G. sepium causes it to retain its leaves during the dry season when many forage crops have lost their leaves. In some cases it is the only source of feed during the dry season.

Gliricidiasepium trees are used for intercropping in part because they fix nitrogen in the soil and tolerate low soil fertility, so when they are interplanted with crops they can boost crop yields significantly, without the need of chemical fertilizers.

GliricidiaSepium tolerates being cut back to crop height, and can even be coppiced, year after year. When the trees are cut back, they enter a temporary dormant state during which their root systems do not compete for nutrients needed by the crops, so the crops can establish themselves


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